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Learn by doing

See how Ruth’s Chris leverages role play and social learning to help its team develop skills
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Learn with others

See how Drexel’s College of Nursing uses ApprenNet to help people learn from each other
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Measurable results

Read our efficacy study funded by the National Science Foundation to see how ApprenNet’s unique pedagogical method yields results
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Build Competencies by Practicing Concrete Skills

Role Play

Post videos that ask your learners to role play skills by responding to real world challenges.

“The more deliberate practice an individual accumulates in a field, the closer the individual will become to being an expert in that field.” – K. Anders Ericcson

Crowdsourced Review

With a few clicks, design peer review for your learners to interact with each other through observation and feedback loops.

“Peer learning yields significant gains in social and communication skills.” -Keith Topping

Access to Experts

Capture your organization’s know-how by empowering your experts to share best practices quickly and easily.

“Learning from experts provides a powerful model for designing meaningful learning experiences.” – A. Collins, J.S. Brown & S.E. Newman

Easy to Use

Our intuitive user experience allows you to focus on teaching and learning. ApprenNet is mobile, hosted in the cloud and can stand alone or integrate with your LMS.

Robust Reporting

With built-in reporting, ApprenNet allows you to easily track participation and learning results.

World-Class Support

Our instructional and tech teams are constantly cited by our users as being the most responsive and helpful they’ve ever worked with.

High Value

ApprenNet allows you to replicate your face-to-face instruction at a fraction of the cost.

Riddle Me This

Two classrooms are in the same building. For nearly 80 minutes, the first class stays quiet and orderly as the instructor speaks from the podium. The second class is chaotic. The instructor runs up and down the aisle. She “peppers students with questions”,...

The Smartest Teams in the World

In 2010, a team of psychologists set out to study teams. In a study with 697 volunteers, the team first discovered that some teams were smarter than other teams. The team then identified the characteristics that distinguished smarter teams from the others. They...

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ApprenNet is proud to be supported by the National Science Foundation.

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