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ApprenNet is honored to be the winner of several recent awards:

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Reimagine Education

We’re shortlisted for the Reimagine Education Awards, the Oscars of higher education! If you’re in Philly on
December 7 – 9, come watch our presentation!


Philly EdTech Lightning Talk

We recently won Best Demo at the Philly EdTech Lightning Talk Demo Night.

DevLearn DemoFest

ApprenNet is honored to win two DevLearn DemoFest awards this year:
Best Mobile Solution and Best Onboarding/Employee Orientation Solution

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ApprenNet provides the world’s most robust platform for teaching and learning real-world skills—the kinds of skills you have to practice to master. ApprenNet helps learners, instructors and institutions by bringing scalability and flexibility to learning by doing and simulation-based training. ApprenNet provides a seamless experience across web and mobile, with features like voice-control for instructional videos and support for customizable rubrics and peer review. With the only platform optimized for both soft skills and hands-on technical skills, ApprenNet expands possibilities in subjects and industries from higher education to healthcare to hospitality.

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ApprenNet is proud to be supported by the National Science Foundation.