Our Story

It all started in one classroom with one teacher who had a problem to solve.

Founded in 2011 by Karl Okamoto, Paul Tzen and Emily Foote (Okamoto’s best student ever)

ApprenNet team members have taught for Teach for America in Atlanta and Philadelphia, received two masters degrees from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, designed courses for the one of largest online programs at any university in America, and taught two generations of aspiring lawyers how to do deals. We are teachers who like to build things.

Funded by the National Science Foundation to build an online platform to “crowdsource” expert participation in novices’ learning

We learn to be able to do. To complete a task. To do our jobs. To make a difference in the world. We learn to succeed. ApprenNet’s mission is to help people succeed.

Inspired by Professor Okamoto’s simulation model of teaching and his LawMeets competitions

We build technology that engages, that teaches skills and that brings people together to learn.

Seen & Heard

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